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Did you know that scientific studies are increasingly establishing a connection between colours and human moods? Some colours make people calmer, happier, and less anxious. Nature and the outdoors can have the same effect. 

Come see us at Evvie & Olive Floral and let’s talk about your corporate meetings and public spaces. We can help you plan appropriate colours, arrangements, and styles of floral arrangements that can achieve the right setting to put your employees, clients and other stakeholders in right mindset. We can do this at prices that might surprise you too. Whether you are planning for a one-time special event, or need to schedule regularly refreshed displays of cut flowers, we can help.

    Evvie and Olive Corporate weekly flower


Our services go way beyond event flowers, too. We have all sorts of plants that liven up your office spaces and do very well in the partial light of office spaces. We know that when you make a commitment to plants and flowers in the office space, you want to get value for money. With our help, your investments in plants and flowers can bring good feelings to your offices for a long, long time. Come see us today!

For more details, please contact us at 604-620-8886, or fill out the contact form located on the Contact Page.


Tall floral arrangements suitable for restaurants and hotel lobbies




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